Monday, April 30, 2012

April Foodie Penpals

Being part of Foodie Penpals this month was a much fun as I thought it would be. The day my parcel arrived felt like Christmas. I only just restrained myself in my box opening to take photos, I just wanted to get at the goodies inside!

Karolina was my penpal and she obviously took note of what I like and sent a parcel of full of perfect treats.

The first thing to catch my beady eyes was a box of home baked goodness. In her letter Karolina explained she had wanted to make me Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake but wasn't sure how well the cake would travel so she baked cookies instead. They were delicious. I did share them (a wee bit grudgingly) and the response from all was a satisfied "mmmmmmmm". They combine chocolate and chilli, for me that is happiness in a cookie. I've already emailed Karolina for a copy of the recipe and I can't wait to try making them myself.

Next up, hello! More chocolate. My smile got even bigger. A bar of dark chocolate Lindt with wasabi. I've not broken into it yet but I reckon it's going to be brilliant. I told Karolina my taste for sushi and I love how her mind thought of wasabi chocolate. I think this chocolate deserves to be enjoyed with good coffee and that's exactly what I plan to do this weekend.

Then...corn husks? Huh? A pack of tamales flour...a bottle of salsa verde. Ah, I see! A mexican challenge is being thrown down. Karolina (thank goodness) also included instructions for making tamales. Yes, instructions, not a recipe. These bad boys need constructed and also a weekend day devoted to the construction. I would probably never have picked this stuff up myself (too much of a scaredy cat) but the gauntlet has been laid down and I won't shy away. Coming soon will be an epic tamales post I'm sure.

The first thing that really came out the box was a lovely note but I didn't bother reading that until I'd poured over the goodies like a greedy impatient brat! Karolina had obviously put real thought into the parcel and her note explained all about why she'd choosen everything.

Karolina - thank you so much for a fantastic Foodie Penpals parcel and big thanks to Carol Anne for all your organising.


  1. mmmmm is right,I was lucky enough to try a cookie!

  2. omg homemade tamales!!! i want to make those!

  3. A tamale kit - be still my beating heart! And wasabi chocolate! This is a great parcel, you must have been thrilled :)

  4. Seems there is some love for the tamales. I will need to get my finger out and give them a whirl ASAP.

    Carol Anne - a brilliant parcel, thanks again for all your organising. Can't wait for this month's now.

  5. I've never heard of the dark chocolate wasabi! I LOVE the dark chocolate and sea salt, but this sounds very cool!!

  6. I am so glad Caroline enjoyed my parcel. I was a little nervous as it was my first ever Foodie Swap. :)